The Stash, Volume 62: CBN – The minor cannabinoid ready for the major league

CBN: THE MINOR CANNABINOID READY FOR THE MAJOR LEAGUE In our January 15 Stash report, we identified Cannabigerol (CBG) as the next big cannabinoid after THC and CBD thanks to its non-psychoactive nature and therapeutic properties which include 1) the ability to help regulate mood, 2) cancer fighting properties, 3) antibacterial properties, 4) potential ability to [...]

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The Stash, Volume 61: Cannabis’ illicit-to-legal value migration is finally happening

CANNABIS’ ILLICIT-TO-LEGAL VALUE MIGRATION IS FINALLY HAPPENING The long-awaited $60bn+ illicit-to-legal value migration in the North American cannabis industry finally seems to be playing out. In our Cannabis Industry Primer: Growing Like a Weed, we discussed that the illicit-to-legal value migration of cannabis sales is the single most important growth driver for investors to monitor as [...]

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The Stash, Volume 60: Will the fast-growing Pennsylvania market join the adult-use club this year?

State-level legalization momentum continues to intensify with Pennsylvania signaling its intent to legalize recreational cannabis. Late last month, Pennsylvania (PA) Governor Tom Wolf asked state legislators to legalize recreational marijuana, saying the government could use the tax revenue to support small businesses impacted by the pandemic and to fund restorative justice programs. The call for adult-use [...]

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The Stash, Volume 59: Help Extracts – Clouded in Regulatory Uncertainty Around the World

The DEA’s recently announced Interim Final Rule (IFR) related to the 2018 Farm Bill has far-reaching negative consequences for the entire hemp and hemp-derived CBD industry. On August 20, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued proposed rules for hemp and CBD to put the federal agency officially in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. The good [...]

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The Stash, Volume 58: The Cannabis Tech Space is Heating Up; and the Contenders Are…

THE CANNABIS TECH SPACE IS HEATING UP; AND THE CONTENDERS ARE ... The pandemic has resulted in heightened use of technology and e-commerce solutions across industries, and cannabis is no exception. With in-store cannabis sales taking a backseat due to lockdowns and social distancing measures, cannabis consumers have taken to online ordering of marijuana for home [...]

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The Stash, Volume 57: Cannabis is a COVID-19 winner. Here is proof.

CANNABIS IS A COVID-19 WINNER. HERE IS PROOF. In the last few months, we have shared our views on why COVID-19 is a net positive for the cannabis industry, including cannabis’ essential status and its emergence as a recession-proof consumer industry (read our previous notes here, here, and here). The latest data from LeafLink, a cannabis [...]

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The Stash, Volume 56: Illinois – a fast-growing winner-take-all cannabis market

ILLINOIS: A FAST-GROWING WINNER-TAKE-ALL CANNABIS MARKET Benefits of cannabis’ essential status and illicit-to-legal migration are best reflected in Illinois – the youngest state to legalize recreational cannabis – where total marijuana sales (adult use + medical) are on track to top the $1 billion mark in 2020. In June 2019, Illinois became the 11th U.S. state [...]

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The Stash, Volume 55: Cannabis legalization is gathering momentum

CANNABIS LEGALIZATION IS GATHERING MOMENTUM Passage of the Blumenauer-McClintock-Norton-Lee amendment last week and the planned vote on the MORE Act in September validate our thesis that COVID-19 has accelerated the cannabis federal legalization timeline. In our April 15 Stash report we discussed COVID-19 as a net positive for the marijuana industry as, among other things, it [...]

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The Stash, Volume 54: Cannabis brands – the race for the top spot has just begun

CANNABIS BRANDS – THE RACE FOR THE TOP SPOT HAS JUST BEGUN In our June 24 Stash report, we discussed why brand presence, shelf space, and market share are among the key KPIs for cannabis investors to monitor. We had also highlighted that cannabis brands are a state-specific asset, with no dominant brand across U.S. states, [...]

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